Monday, May 19, 2014

It's a Disaster (2012)

IMDB: here
My rating (as a good movie): 4/5
Netflix?: yes

Interesting mash-up of genres that works surprisingly well.

The movie opens like a fairly standard rom-com.  We gather that a couple has recently started dating, and the woman is advancing their relationship to the point of inviting him to a regular "couples brunch" with her circle of friends.  The first exchanges at the door establish that this is going to be an "awkward" gathering.

Of course, you know if you read the description that things are going to change dramatically, and pretty soon this unlikely group of people is facing the end of the world together.

It's quite entertaining and definitely worth watching.  I'm knocking once the novelty of the plot wears off, it does start to drag a bit in the middle, and they fall back on some pretty well worn paths.  For example, if it's a spoiler that it turns out that some of the characters have slept with each others partners, then it's probably because you've never seen a movie before.

But don't worry, it rallies in the end and finishes strong.  Some people might not like the ending, but I thought it worked very well.

Rapture-Palooza (2013)

IMDB: here
Rating (as a good movie): 5/5 (good movie)
Netflix?: Yes

This is certainly one of my biggest successes when it comes to random Netflix picks.My first thought was that they copied the idea from This is the End, but it turns out that both came out at almost exactly the same time (this movie actually came out a few days before). I guess two people had the idea of making a rapture-themed comedy at the same time. What are the odds?I loved both movies, but this is a very different take on the same idea. Whereas the tone and the humor in This is the End were rather manic, the humor in this movie is of the deadpan "So this is the apocalypse?" variety, and it works very well, at least for me. On balance, I think I may have liked this one a little bit more.It sounds strange, but some of the humor comes from the fact that they stick a bit closer to the Book or Revelation, and there are a lot of "This really doesn't make any sense." sort of jokes. Anyway, it worked for me.I didn't find it as vulgar as some people seem to have, but maybe my bar is high. It goes without saying that it's extremely blasphemous, so if you take the (to put it bluntly) Revelation nonsense seriously, it may not be the movie for you. Otherwise...